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Long time no see...

I admit it! I've been terrible with sharing personal insights lately :) And you may wonder who those girls are that "hacked" my blog to tell their stories :) But I am still alive and the account wasn't taken over by some girls that are all ready for their next big chapter in their life! It was a big relief for me to see that I am not the only control freak on this planet that is "afraid" of what is coming next. Strangely I love to throw myself into those situations in which it is very likely to not always know what's happening. I guess because a 9am - 5pm job that guarantees me that I will do the same thing for the coming 30 years is #1 not very appealing to me and #2 probably doesn't exist in our world anymore. 

But here some insights what I am up to lately. It is official, I found a job as a Product Management Assistant (Marketing) for a world known lingerie company. Obviously I am exceptionally thrilled and can't wait to start this next challenge! It is even more exciting as I was looking for a job in which I can live my passion for fashion and marketing at the same time. Side note/warning: I may be bombarding you with inside scoops of model shootings and background knowledge about sexy outfits that make us girls feel amazing ever single day!

Taking into account that I will only be in Bamberg for the next 2 weeks, I am enjoying the summer (which luckily returned to Germany!), time with friends, the freedom of being a recent undergraduate and of course the time with my boyfriend. I have to admit that it won't be easy to be in a distance relationship again after living together for so long AND after just "getting him back" after his 9-month long deployment. Positivity is the key here :) If it is supposed to work out, it will work out! Plus - after 6,5 years of being together and making it work even though he was deployed twice, I studied in the Netherlands and he worked in Italy etc. etc. etc. I am confident that this change in our lives won't bring us apart.

Alrighty, I feel like you finally know a little bit more about my life at the moment again. On the side I am finishing up some last photo shootings for the facebook pages that I manage, "pimp" my excel skills and am learning the programming language Java (I love!!). I realized pretty fast that my brain isn't happy if I am not learning :)

Have a nice day everyone!
Hugs, Taty*

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