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My first week at work...

Good morning! Today is already Thursday and I am in full swing at work. Getting to know my colleagues, the products we are selling and obviously my tasks and all different sorts of projects that I will be in charge of in the future. As far as I can judge it at this point is the culture at Passionata simply amazing. Open doors, less emails and more face to face interaction. The projects are stimulating and fun! Can't wait to get more involved in more projects already. 

As you may have read earlier, I am still on the house/apartment hunt and can't wait to finally share pictures with your of the final apartment that I am going to get. Currently I am more drawn to a shared apartment simply to get to know Düsseldorf faster and to have some social interaction at home :) (That sounds weird, but really true). At the moment I miss Bamberg a little bit, its beautiful houses and landmarks, my friends and the local farmers market lady simply won a piece of my heart. Oh and obviously I still need some time to get used to only speaking to my boyfriend via the phone or seeing my puppy over skype. 

BUT it is really nice to realize that my friends and I still manage to find time for a little update and chit chat over the phone every now and then. My newly acquired smart phone is definitely helping me there :) Below you can see a picture from a friend of mine's dog Alfie. So funny! These little updates make my days even more enjoyable! 

Heading out to work now! 

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