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Dear Future I am Ready: Bent

Nationality: German
Age: 20
Occupation: studying at the Otto-Friedrich-University  economics
Previous job experience: Diving into the work environment of a logistics company
Challenge: Finding a job in a third world country at a logistic company
Result: Helping people in disadvantaged parts of the work to have access to a better life and equal living conditions (and enjoying life at the moment!) 

The beginning of a crazy person

When I was young my parents moved from one place to another. On top of that, my parents separated when I was only six years old. needless to say that it was hard to find some really good friends in my early years. 
But after that I found some good friends, I knew that these people are the most important things to have after my family. They support you when you need it the most, you plan trips together and can always turn to them in times where you think that everything goes wrong. That turning point was really important for me, because I was getting more open minded and worked against my growing uncertainty. From now I am a person was born that want to have fun with some friends and finish my school time.

Can not stop living my life like „YOLO“
After school I started studying in Bamberg. At first, it was a situation I had to get used to: I was in a new city and had no friends. So I decided that it was a perfect time to meet some knew friends to jump head first into my chapter in life. It was my new mantra to cease the day, meaning that I wouldn't worry too much about it. Start your day and see what's going on. Consequently, my friends and me were going on party's, chilling at home together and playing some games or going to the „Untere Brücke“ (a lively spot in Bamberg where people bring their own drinks to relax and have a good time - including some drinks - with their friends) and drink some beer. Looking forward to life, speaking about dreams or simply not worrying at all.

What's next?
Half time(!) at the University and in my holidays I was visiting some friends in Ireland. It is such an beautiful country and the people are so polite to each other. 
So when I think about my future, I have to look back on every point in my life and see the good and the bad things. I want to finish my bachelor in two years and I want to make a master after that. When I finish it, I want to work in a big logistic company and want to be a boss like an Irish person is :) open minded and so polite to other people. So let's see how it is going to be in a couple of years from now!

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