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Favorite Spots in Düsseldorf: Münster Therme (Pempelfort)

Old traditions, new places. This is my new motto. Last night I didn't feel like running, P90X or some other form of moving around. I simply had the urge to go out and find my future "go-to" swimming pool. To be honest, I had no clue that I would have this beauty of a pool right around the corner! The Münster Therme (of course this place had to entice me with its name, letting me think about my time in Münster) is rather hidden between two houses on Münsterstraße, but once you found it, the art nouveau style just captures your attention. This is the way I imagined my perfect Friday night! 

Once you enter you can either just go swimming (that's what I did) or even visit the Sauna, a salt grotto or the "themal pool" (which contains very warm/hot and salty water. Or you could call it the perfect place for relaxing!!!). Last night, however I tried the pool (which was also nice and warm which is rare in Germany) for swimming around. Until I finally made it into the water it took a little while. This place was simply too beautiful. 

The nicest thing about this pool was the fact that it was built in 1902 and severely damaged during World War II. It is only because some private investors brought in some capital and acquired pictures of this magical place, that the pool was reconstructed in the same exact style it was originally build. One big part of the experience is that you get one changing room to yourself that you keep for the duration of your entire visit. The locker is inside that one room, so you don't have to carry your stuff around when you want to start your relaxation or workout session. I definitely fell in love with the little curtains, carvings and the tiny number that tells you which one of the changing rooms is yours. 
Totally old-school and totally adorable!  

Besides, it was hilarious to watch the people around me. All sorts of people present :) Looking for a "real German" with beard, beer belly and "mini moustache" - check. How about a electronic freak that got waterproof headphones and "zoned out" while swimming? Got it! My real favorite were those "semi-professionals" though. Serious outfit, swimming "hat", googles, expensive bathing suit and still slower doing their crawl style swimming moves than me doing the "housewife style" breaststroke. 

Loving it! And going back! If you come to Düsseldorf, it is definitely worth a visit. So pack your bikini and dive into the time of the 19th century :)


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