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Balanced Lifestyle...

Good things about working in Marketing? Well, obviously you have the chance to stop the number crunching every now and then to look at nice pictures. BUT on top you get to take home some really nice magazines for relaxing at home :) I just moved to another friend here in Düsseldorf prior to moving into my own place coming Sunday. I never thought about the benefit of moving in with your friends for a little while! You get to spend a lot more time together, get to know different lifestyles and all the little hot spots in the area that they live. Pretty amazing! 

Tonight we made sure to have a balanced lifestyle :) Totally en vogue! Besides all those vegetarian, vegan or people that only eat apples that chose to be eaten, I feel the pressure to eat, life and have an excellent and organic lifestyle. Puh* Lucky me that I don't mind :) 
I treated myself to some organic grocery shopping (including my favorite "soda replacement" lemonaid+, a run and relaxing time with my friend! 

Annnnd! Even going to bed an hour earlier than the past nights. Cheers to that! 

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