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Finding new routines, favorite cafés and products...

Today is the day of unity in Germany which means that I get to enjoy one special day off from work. In addition I can finally stop looking for a new apartment as I finally found a cozy place! Can't wait to tell you more about it! But I can say that I am in love with my future garden and can't wait to move in and make it feel like home. 

CONSEQUENTLY, I have one day to myself that gives me time to organize my life here in Düsseldorf. Thinking about my new roles that I have to fulfill, new routines I want to establish (or old ones that I want to maintain), try new products that I always wanted to try, shop around to find new key items for my professional and leisure wardrobe and obviously to find the new favorite "go-to" café/tea shop, boutique, tennis court, running route and and and... 

Oh, it is going to be so cozy. And guess what! I just purchased my first cereal from ! It is (hopefully) going to be so delicious! I only heard good things about it so far and I absolutely love the idea that I will be able to create my very own cereal! 
See you tomorrow! 
xx Taty

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