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Düsseldorf in the sun...

About a week and a half ago I moved to Düsseldorf for starting my career in the fashion world and as you may have read in prior posts: I love it! However, it is still tough every now and then to realize that I left my old life including boyfriend, puppy, friends and even silly things like the local wine shop that you liked, or the random people that you greet on the street on a regular basis. Without a new home (I am still house hunting) and my friends around me, everything seemed a little sad. Have I turned into one of those people that I made fun of one time? *pff* "Why go home to your boyfriend if you could have fun and go to museums, shops, cafés etc., here, in that new city!" That's probably what I would have said a little while ago, when I was still in my cozy environment called home. Well, all of the sudden exactly that (going home) sounds so much more tempting than anything else in the world. Even if I only get to watch DVD's and eat crappy Pizza on a Saturday night, I would be the happiest girl. 

BUT, don't get me wrong and look at the pictures :) I already found a couple of spots in Düsseldorf that are promising and could very well be my future favorite spots. 

All I wanted to say is that although sometimes a person looks real goal oriented and leaves everything behind to start something new, it doesn't mean that they don't cry one night or miss their "old life". Luckily, I just booked my ride back home for the weekend. And I can't wait!!! 

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