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London the Great Re-cap

Alright, I realized that by staying in London for 4 days I could already blog away for at least two more weeks. It is a truly amazing city! I fell in love with the people, shops, architecture and even their weird way of walking on the "wrong side of the street". People are definitely either a lot more stylish OR wear carefully selected classic pieces that  keep them warm, dry and "en vogue" for the years to come.
 A real patriotic puppy! Happy Remembrance day!
Somehow the "mind the gap" part of using the underground system was really stuck in my mind from my last trip to London with my mom. 
Stop Nr.1 after getting rained on (and learning from the locals NOT to walk on the street as you get totally soaking wet when cars drive by :) I guess you get the concept!) - Local bar! Fish and Chips plus London Pride (beer)! The waitress was cool and the people hanging out at the bar real were "one of a kind"!
Shopping around on Oxford street!
Look what I found all over London! Believe it or not, but Coco Chanel had a special relationship to London :) Let's put it that way: The Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel were "close to another". If you want to find out more… click here
 Great food and lots of drinks. The girls next to us liked the happy our THAT much that they ordered 7 drinks EACH! Crazy people :) (we gave in after feeling some sort of peer pressure!) 

Blue sky in London! What a rare occasion! :)

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