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London show us your unique side!

Only by looking at the pictures again, I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland (or in this case, London) again. A colleague recommended this precious (and a little freaky) place "SKETCH" with the words "you have to use their bathroom" to me. That was it. Loving to not really know what is going to happen, it was an easy decision to visit this cafe/restaurant/club for tea time. As their online menu looked almost extraordinarily traditional we were positively surprised to have a "Lady Gaga moment" while enjoying our first tea time in London. It was obviously a good choice to make reservations as this place was packed within no time after opening. 

But let me tell you more about the highlights at Sketch! As weird as it sounds, the bathroom (which is being cleaned by two "real" maids. And with that I mean they looked like our of a movie. Black and white maid outfit plus dust-ruffle! Simply hilarious!) was one of the most recognizable aspects in this restaurant. (see pic below) Every toilet had a new surprise waiting for your. I guess you have to go there yourself to experience it! Secondly, the food was outstanding. We ordered a tea time menu which comes with lots of little treats starting with scones and ending with the most delicious "sandwiches" that you will eat in a very long time! (Definitely do the same if you plan on going there!) Last but not least, I don't have to mention that it was the nicest thing to see my friend Zane (who just moved to London after graduation) and to catch up on all sorts of gossip :) 

Definitely pay this very central (on Conduit Street: between Savile Row/ Regent Street and not very far away from the known buzz on Oxford Street) restaurant a visit while you are in London. I hear they re-design the place on a fairly constant schedule so you will be blown away every time you go there. 
For more information visit their homepage:

 The bathroom 
  My favorite savory food from their tea time menu
Re-union! Two hours just went by far too fast when you haven't seen another for almost a year!
Our table full of Alice in Wonderland treats :) 

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