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Creativity at home - DIY closet (with the help of super dog Lotti and mom's boyfriend)

About one month ago I finally moved into my new home. As I am always open for creative ideas and interior design I was dying to try a little different way of storing my clothes. It was important to me that I would be able to see most of my clothes right when I get up (as colorful clothes are probably the nicest piece of decoration to have around) and to be able to keep everything very neat and organized. Secondly, I wanted to have a closet that makes my room like home and kept it open, so the room that is my office, bedroom and living-room doesn't feel restricting or small (and I think that a huge closed closet could have made it feel that way). SOOOO, long story told, I stumbled across a closet on a budget in a magazine. Challenge number one was to find an old wooden latter that would fit in the corner I had available (and within Düsseldorf). Fortunately there are always friendly people around to sell you something and to even carry it inside your house. 


Lotti was helping a lot of course :) (by carrying around the wooden sticks! = not helpful at all. But far too cute to be mad!) 

All you need is wooden bars (to build the triangle that will hold the latter), one wooden (old/historic) latter, saw, tools, drill, screwdriver, one real good friend/boyfriend/dad/uncle… (eventually some paint) I opted against painting my latter for now. It would have been to sad to paint over the old numbers and bits & pieces of old paint. I rather have the latter tell a story. 

Curious to see the final result at my place? Well,… I will share that with you after I finished up arranging my clothes etc. (neat freak at work) 

If you are interested to make this DIY closet (which I think is also a great way to make a wardrobe, storage in the garage etc. etc.) and the pictures aren't giving you enough information, feel free to contact me via the comment function or email

Tschüss, Taty°

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