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DIY: Pretty Nails For The Holidays

Need a fancy highlight to add a little spark to your holiday outfit? Thanks to Tesa stripes I was able to give my hands the perfect christmas look (which I will probably start turning into my new years or all year round fancy "nail do"). Its pretty much as easy as it sounds. Clean your nails and get rid of any nail polish residue. The nail polish remover will actually take away the oiliness of your nails as well. Then apply layer one on the whole nail. Let it dry. (Potentially add a second layer of your first color of choice) Then add the Tesa (or scotch) tape/stripes and kind of massage the ends of the stripes until you can't see any bubbles under the tape. Then add the second nail polish of choice. (eventually repeat again) and tadaa* christmas look, here we go! If you have time on your hands apply a top coat to make this look last all christmas long! After completing your personal manicure I like to use the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehls, then your hands are even ready for a snow fight :) 

If you want to use your time between the different layers wisely go ahead and grab a nice book! I can't wait to start reading this one!!! "Journey Man - 1 man, 5 continents and a lot of jobs" By Fabian Sixtus Körner. I am pretty sure that it wasn't a wise decision to buy this book at it will only fuel my desire to plan my next big travel! 

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