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DIY: Make Your Own Designer Pillows

Want to bring stylish pillow fight material to your home? Or just feel like being creative on a weekday evening? I can proudly present my new pillows which weren't only easy peasy to make, but also look stylish and were fun to make. 

What do you need?
Plain pillow cases (whatever color you like), tape, Washing resistent paint, scissors, ruler, paintbrushes and a fun graphic you want to paint on your pillow. It only takes about 30 minutes to create one pillow (time varies on how fancy your pattern is)
Dedice on your pattern and try to tape it on your pillow. The stops not covered with the tape will later be filled with paint. A ruler for symmetry helped me a lot in this stage, especially when you are trying to make a more complicated pattern like the one shown. 

When your pattern is complete, double check if this is really what you want to have on your pillow. Slight imperfections may be desired, but if you are completely unhappy with your choice simply get rid of the tape and give it another shot. 

Now the fun part starts! Get the paint out and carefully fill the boxes of cloth that you want to paint!

Once you are done, either let it dry and remove the tape when dry or rip it off right away. Repeat as often as desired :) I really like having a personalized item at home, especially when they are as stylish as those! Pillow fight anyone? 

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