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Work, work, work

Although I usually love to keep my diary here on this blog and to spread my ideas it seems like my job is currently making me so happy and keeping me so busy at the moment that it is hard to stay on top of this blog. However, here a little (non-cryptic!) post about live lately. 

After the break-up it took me a while to get back on my feet, but being sad doesn't really help so I decided to put all that power into my job. To live the moment and to enjoy the fact that I am in a new city with an amazing job and the perfect place to stay (which keeps getting cozier and cozier! Pictures will follow!). The past weeks have been somehow extraordinarily busy and it is amazing to see how much I learned in the past 2 months! Fashion shows, training of the sales team, business fairs and the development of Point-of-Sale tools for the upcoming birthday campaign SS14. It is unbelievable that I get to live the dream of so many people. Fashion, beautiful people, fun music, great setting for special events and so much more. 

In addition to the job I keep trying to meet new people in Düsseldorf. Joining the Rotaract Club here in Düsseldorf was probably my best idea! Great people and even greater nights have been part of this "getting to know another experience". Movie nights, beers in downtown Düsseldorf and cruising around the city in a convertible Mini BMW are only little bits of the fun we experienced. 

As you can see, I am keeping extraordinarily busy. I guess that is the best thing you can do after a break-up. I hope that you still like to check out this blog every now and then! I promise to get better with more regular posts again as soon as the campaign is over :)

Cheers! Taty* 

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