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Neon splash in Europe

NEON PARTY! When my roommate told me about this silly party where people throw color onto another I simply couldn't say no. It is one of those things that you simply have to check off your bucket list and "get it over with". So we got the tickets far ahead of time (which turned out to be a wise thing to do as tickets were sold out within 2 weeks) and cheered to finally attend this event. The mood was great and the music even greater (the most greatest :D to throw in some grammatically wrong exaggeration!) At 2am they finally turned this "normal" party at which everyone was wearing a white t-shirt into the color neon splash party we were lusting for! 

Ready, set, go! Craziness, here I come! 

And now? How did I like it? I can totally agree that neon splash parties or holi-parties seem to be the "foam parties" which were SO TRENDING in the 80ies/90ies (apparently! I am only referring to my colleagues!) YES, I loved the music and the countdown was tremendously more exciting that the one that we all come together for for new years eve. BUT, it is definitely the last neon splash party I will be attending. There are simply too many things on my bucket list of life in order to repeat this! 

Oh and I hate the fact that the "washable" color stained my pants and t-shirt! 
There you have it neon splash people! 

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