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A new life in a new city…

I just had my first appraisal at work and realized that time flew by for the past six months. After graduation, traveling around the US, I  found a job I am truly passionate about. And somehow, between all those "not always very special" moments after work I get situated in a new city and a home. Being a very open person and used to moving around on a regular basis, obviously made it easier for me to adjust to new situations and places. Every time I move to a new city and face different challenges I grow. I am very fortunate that I found work that is a lot more than enjoyable and even some people that I can call friends! 

I'll be at an event for work for Easter and will have a lovely dinner with my grandma afterwards. Of course I'll also visit my mom and think of my dad as he will have a (small!) surgery. 
I wish you all a happy Easter with your friends and family! 
xx Taty*

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