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More eye candy from Italy

Gelato, gelato, gelato! It seemed like I lived off this delicious treat during my stay in Italy! The ice cream is seriously to die for! Not to mention that I am a real ice cream addict to begin with :) 

This weekend a friend came over to Düsseldorf and we had a super busy weekend. Zumba, lots of walks, participation at a "running dinner" called "Rudi Rocks", more walks and checking out some new cafés. Pictures and a detailed report will follow. 

I simply didn't want it to seem like I am close to living in Italy now :) It is still fun to re-live the vacation memories though. Here some highlights of our day in Vicenza! 

 Bringing spring to the streets with my new yellow pants from COS! 
 Blue, yellow and green impressions from the main piazza right next to the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza!
Worth the hike! Leave the car at home and walk up to the famous church Monte Berico. Nuns live right across from it and even sold some fresh olive oil. Although I have already been inside far too many churches, this one will always be in my Top 10. The architecture is simply stunning and especially during the hot summer months it is heavenly to be in side this very cool building and to think all things that are moving you at the moment. The view over the Vicenza is obviously also stunning! Especially when you are lucky like we were and you get to see the mountains! 


  1. Mmmm..gelato! Yummy :) What flavor? :)

  2. This one was vanilla almond. And simply irresistible :)