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Firstable all the activities in a short version ;)

Hey! I thought that it is maybe a good idea to present my weekend almost the same way i did it with ring weekend ;) So here we go:

Thursday: It was a pretty short working day (just until 3) so that i could get ready for my trip and that paul can bring me to the trainstation (3.50pm)! Everything worked out perfectly. So i was around 5 in the city to meet kate for getting the keys!!! After that 5-9pm i was just walking through the city (in the direction of Kates appartment) and shopping!!! ;) Then i stayed at kates house over night!

Friday: Get up at 6.30am, shower, coffee with Kate! (great conversation) leaving appartment 7.30am, subway ride and walk to the bus in china town. There i also met Mhy and Nadine. Bus was leaving around 9am. Then lots of stops for lunch, pee *lol*, Corning Glass Museum, Dinner... Evening arrival Niagrafalls (great night view), we went to the skylon tower to watch the niagrafalls from above and to enjoy the amazing fireworks! After that way to our hotel. Sleeping around 11pm (i guess)

Saturday: Get up at 6.15am (!!!!!! but it gets better on Sunday *loL*) time for buying breakfast, drive to the niagrafalls, Maid of the Mist, Starbucks time *jippie*, ride to Toronto, Boat Tour, Bus Tour "Financial District" & Co, then Chinatown in Toronto (very nice and clean), after that we arrived in our surprisingly great hotel with pool and everything nice ;)

Sunday: Departure at 5.45am (and you can imagine what that means for getting up!!! but it was okay, I#m a morning person) , Then we made the thousand island boat tour. And that was it. The rest of the day was pretty rainy, so we had been very lucky with the weather part!!! We arrived at 7.15pm New York Chinatown and rushed to grand central because our train was leaving at 7.53pm!!! But in the end everything worked out sssssssooooooo great, that i was home around 9.30pm It was so nice of Paul that he picked me up, because madeline was sleeping so it was not that easy for him! So a really great trip and also a pretty good brake from my normal week as an almost mother ;) Now i'm full of energy for my little angel!!!

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  1. Anonymous9/10/2007

    Thanks for the English version. Glad to hear you had such a great time! Take good care of Madeline this week and be safe on the trip to Philly tomorrow.