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Armynised ;)

Today the weather here was pretty bad. Super drizzy again, but still i went for a little walk with madeline. She was all packed into warm clothes and then tucked into her blanket ;) And then we walked our normal little round. I enjoyed it a lot, because the air was sooo super fresh and crisp. Just great! But still this darkness or just this misty atmosphere made me tired and a little unactive! So it was in a way good for me, that madeline is also not that fit those days. So we cuddled a lot again, between her whole bunch of therapists today. We had 3 people!!! But Madeline did a good job, of course ;) and was pretty happy for me all day long! I really love her giggling, when i do some "hardcore-kissing" or "tickle-attack" ;) So the day flew by so fast again and after my work was done i went to the gym. But that was not that good today, because i was wearing my new shoes and they are just not that good, so i will return them... Because the running part was definetly not good today and then i was also disappointed of my dancingclass, because the new programm started and i just don't like it... Hope i will get into it after some more lessons! Otherwise i will try another class more often... We will see ;) Oh yeah, then to the picture and the headline of this post today. THis is my official Army t-shirt! ;) We got that on the last footballgame for me. Now i am really pimped, or what do you think ?! *loL*


  1. Taty, what a fun day you had with the finger painting with Madeline and having Anna around to help. I am sure you will do well tomorrow at Barnes and Noble and I hope win a prize. I love your Army football shirt and the word is "Pumped." Keep up the good work and thank for your call and my birthday wishes. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Hey Liebes, ich kann mich John nur anschließen. Vor allem, wir sehen uns bald!
    Dein Papa