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My first results...

Yesterday was my day off again, so i slept a little in and started my day very slow, with eating some breakfast, watching some tv, surfing in the internet, cleaning up my room,... After i was done with all that stuff stuff ;) i got dressed and went to the

newburgh mall to check out the sportstores for maybe finding some shoes, but without success, the selling guy was just slow and wasn't able to answer my questions... So i decided to go to the outlets again, before i would go to my photographyclass. But before that i went to target, barnes and nobles and then to west point. There i had some good time with lawrence again ;) we just walked around west point, talked about the whole aupair-cadet stuff that is going on and then just about everything and nothing ;) time just always flys so fast when we are together... Then after all, i needed to leave for getting my shoes (and i also found some!!!JIppie i am so looking forward to tonight, checking out how they go*g*) and finally going to my photography class. And that was really great this time!!! It was our first time where we went into the dark room for developing our our pictures! And it worked out sooooooo super good. I really love my pictures! And i could spent days in the darkroom, it is just so super interesting how much you can do with a single negative in the darkroom! And finally i was also a lucky person! Because for most of the other people many of the pictures turned out just dark, but i had really good pictures from the beginning on. *smile* AND now the other great thing: My camera is working again! I just asked david if he could see what he can maybe do with it o make it work again... and he just put my new battery in again (I DID THAT AT LEAST 10 TIMES!!!!!) and *zack* it was working again! Crazy, or?! But anyways i am just happy that it is working again! So now i can continue taking pictures, because there are still 7 or 8 assignements due... :( But i will make it! Because i really love it, when i once started! So it was a pretty long day yesterday ( the class was longer then on other days... until 1020pm) and the weather was not that nice when i went back home. Horrible drizzle. I was really tired on my way back home, so i put on the music on volume 30 or something so that i was staying awake!!! Finally i was so happy to be safe home... then i just rinsed my pictures again and put them on the table to dry. And after that taty was ready for her bed *loL* i hope you like the picture samples ;)

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  1. Ja Taty, das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen. Finde es sehr gut, da kannst du weiter machen, bin auf die nächsten Aufnahmen gespannt!
    Schon beachtlich was so alles in dir steckt und was du alles in eine Woche für ein Power stecken kannst. Da sollte ich mal bei dir in die Leher gehen! :-)