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Early morning and West Point day...

Hey @ all!
So my Saturday started after a great Friday night at the mexican restaurant "Hacienda" very early (5.45am) becuase i needed to be at 7 am at the bearmountain inn for my photoshoot with my photography class. But honestly it was really not as bad as i thought it would be :) maybe because the landscape was really so amazing and i took pictures of a (moving!!!) train just 2 foot away from me. Really impressing! the bad thing was that i was not so familiar with this old borrowed camera of my teacher, so i just turned this special wheel after my film was done to get the camera ready for the next film. BUT i didn't know that i had to push a special button. So in the end the film was on the right side of the camera (without this protecting layer!!!) and this layering box was on the left side... And that is not funny *lol* !!! So probably the half of my pictures will be destroyed, but anyways, i had a good time... and i know that i took some pretty good pictures *haha* Then after 2 hours of hard work ;) i went to West Point to meet lawrence. We went to a purple *haha* bagel store and started the day slowly ("started" ... not for me) After that we just walked around west point, flirtywalk and then he had to got dressed because he was part of the parade... So i borrowed me some magazines of him, met OV (a friend, also a cadet) and finally watched the parade.

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