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The Indian summer starts slowly

Today was a wonderful day! The sun is burning ;) and the leaves are starting to turn into all those crazy, nice colours. Since Madeline are without a car, we walked today a lot and spend some quality time on the playground and in front of the house for reading the fashion part of the times or the new Nordstrom catalog. Then i went in the evening to the gym again. That was great to. Today there was the movie Dirty Dancing in the cinema. sooooooooooooo great. I love that movie. unbelievable that i haven't seen that movie for so long... ;) and after that x-cross-trainer and running workout i was ready for my body flow class ;) Now, after my long long hot shower i am really relaxed and ready for the next wonderful day! FRIDAY, too *jippie* weekend! kiss you all! ;) bye bye *taty*


  1. Taty, we love your web site and the great idea you had about making a drum for Madeline. I hope you are enjoying Indian Summer because it will be gone too soon. John and I hope you like your class and expect to see many great pictures on your blog although all the pictures have been excellent even before you went to school. Keep on working at the gym and taking all of the classes they offer. On our next visit, I hope you will make us one of your great meals.

  2. sure :) And we will make all the stuff for madelines birthday!
    So the first theme will me zoo and the second probablz bunny :)
    I am so looking forward to that!!!
    And it is so cute that madeline will get ugg boots too, maybe you can get black ones because then she an i could make the "partnerlook" :)
    See you then!
    Love ya!

  3. Achtung, dansch kommt Schnee!