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Tailgate party and GREAT FOOTBALL GAME *we won again*

How you can see i really miss my little dog Bess... ;) But all those cavaliers and cockers are always happy when i go crazy and cuddle with them :) Then since the parade was over and the sun was seriously grilling everybody *lol* we went to one of those Tailgates (it was the one of jeremy Graham, another cadet friend who is born in germany) and had some food. And then it could start. My second army football game. The thing was that almost everybody told me that this will be my first day when i will see the army team loosing. but i didn't want to believe that ;) So i was pretty active with cheering... and what should i say?! IT WORKED!!! At the very beginning of the game it really seemed like it will be not a good game for army, but in the last quater they had (i think) two more touch downs and so they won the game! Everybody was really so unbelievable happy und we huged each other and danced and and and... So now to the pictures... So i think you know paul ;) So thats him and me (rebecca stayed at home and took care for madeline and "angry" another babygirl). and on the other picture you can see me with pauls mom and her partner bob. Yeah so and that was my Saturday. I was honestly sooooooooo tired... and i just felt asleep immediatly when i was back home.

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