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My day off, West Point and babysitting!


here we go again ;) Today was my day off and since i got my camera from home i decided to get all my assignements done ;) And everything started pretty well. I went to west point, because they have everything nice like waterfront, old buildings, nature, people... but then after my 26 picture my camera died!!! The display was just saying "HELP" and after that.... nothing! I really tried everything, putting it on and off several times, changing the battery but nothing helped. So will probably go tomorrow to the camera close by to let them check what's wrong with it. It seems like the whole photography class is just not good for me. Or i am just super talented for getting cameras broke! Who knows. But it is just so bad, because i really enjoyed it to take pictures! :( We'll see... So after that surprisingly lawrence called me, that he is already off and that we can meet each other. i would say: perfect timing! ;) After a smoothy and just a good time he went to a debate and i went to the gym on-post ( i had been so clever to bring everything with me, in case it starts to rain,and actually it really did!!!) to do my workout. I am definetely getting better with running and i like it *hey* After that i saw lawrence again and we bought some tickets for the broadwayshow Annie. And since the wheater was miserable and i was very hungry after my workout we went to mcdonalds so that i could get my asian salade. Jep! AND after all i went back to newburgh to go to the hotel for my first babysitting job! It was so much fun!!! The boy is 6 years old and we played a lot of games, rollicked about and ordered some pizza! It was just nice to have again a little older kid, where you actually also can talk to. So it was great and the payment was great too ;) Okay that's it! HAve a wonderful weekend!!! *kiss and bye bye *TATY*


  1. Anonymous10/20/2007

    Taty, why are you having so many problems with the camera? Let's hope it can be fixed or another new one will have to be sent from Germany. You seems to be adapting very well to the American life, of playing pool, eating pizza and babysitting. The extra money also helps with expenses. Good to hear you are going to more shows in New York. If possible, try to see "Jeresy Boy" that is one of the best musical on Broadway. Are you making big plans for Halloween? This is very big celebration in the United States. I am sure Lawrence will come up with some ideas. Please take pictures in your custome.

  2. hey taty.. waru passt du noch ein anderes kind auf?? machst du das jetzt regelmäßig??
    warm greetings Pia