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Firsty Club!

Hey my buddies! So yesterday i went to the Firsty Club in west point again and it was so much fun! I played for my first time Shuffleboard (sorry that i don't have pictures of that ;) ) and then also pool. And thanks my perfect new teacher tony (pic 3) we won the game! And that against the "oklahoma-hat-man", the champion of the pooltable *lol* It was really just a good time! and of course it was also so good to see lawrence and all the other familiar faces again. I missed them a little ;) Andrea (pic 2) and also anna (pic 1) had a lot fun too so that the time just went by soooooo fast. But the funniest part was again, when all the cadets had to leave around 11.20 because they have to be back in their baraks on 11.30. Lawrence left around 11.29 like tony, ov and some other guys. Always great to see them sprinting back "home" ...

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