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New York City....!!! MoMA

so here we go again... On Sunday i also got up early again. (715am) to get ready for my day in the city. Lawrence and i wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art. And so we did ;) But firstable we slept a little in the train and i got a coffee in the city (Starbucks, of course *g*). Because we still had been a little tired we decided to go to the park at the library to watch people. That was so much fun, because some people tried to dance, then there had been some old and young couples and just in general many many different and interesting people. so we tried to imagine what they are talking about etc. Just fun ;) Okay. After that we wanted to find the Museum. The thing was that we had the wrong adress in our new york book, so we walked and walked and walked without success. Except that we had some sushi ;) After we went all the way back we found finally the Museum. *haha* And that was sooooo cool and breath catching, because i now really almost seen those pictures and sculpures i had written all my tests about in my art class. And it is really amazing to see all those things in person! WOW** Especially the monet (see picture) was soooooo great because it is so huge! I never thought that before... Great... After 4 hours in the museum we watched the end of a polisch parade and then we went to this pretty cool Restaurant "tao".

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  1. Na da sind doch schöne Grüße an Andy fällig! Da möchte ich mit dir auch mal vorbeischauen!
    Ach ja Liebling, deine Spiegelreflex ist mit Vollausstattung unterwegs. Anregungen dürftest du nach diesem Besuch genügend haben um weltberühmte Fotos zu schießen!
    LG Papa