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Party at karaoke robs house!

One Monday at cheeseburger in paradise Rob (the man who makes that whole karaoke thing) invited us over to his house, because the aupair-cadet-crowd is always there and he likes u :) off course *lol* and finally we went there yesterday! But firstable i enjoyed some time with rebecca, paul, madeline and pauls aunt and uncle! It was ssssssssooooooooo much fun, just talking and finally my first rounds of BOOGLE ;) (a game, almost like my game with those letters where you have to make words in 2 minutes) Was a little harder for me, since they didn't allowed me to play with german words, but really fun!
THen around 12 anna, andrea, lawrence, OV and tony arrived a t my house, because we wanted to go with one car (and we have the huge van, where 7 people can fit in). After a big HELLO inside the house, we got ready for our roadtrip to robs house. In a way we had been scared, because why is an 50 year old guy throwing a party for us, especially because he lived in a kind of seperated house... (far away from "real life" *lol*) We just thought... "that's how scary Movie starts ;) " But when we finally arrived after an 1 1/2 hour drive(seemed so much shorter!!!) it was okay. THe house is kind of "in construction" and you can also see that rob doesn't live with a woman :) .... sorry i have to get ready now for cheeseburger in paradise... i will continue writing later !!!

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