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Our first picture together....

So and heeeeeeeeeere is our first picture together. After we just brought our things to our hotelroom we made a really short tour through the city. Rockefeller Centre, 5th avenue, Times Square. And then we got some food at TGI Fridays. What was okay. Not good - but dad wanted to eat a steak and most of the restaurants had been already closed or close to that :) Then i stayed as long as possible in the city and finally went back home around 1 am ;) I was in bed around 230am and my alarm clock was on on 630am ;) So pretty good short sleep. Then i rushed to the trainstation to be right on time for a nice breakfast with my dad! ( i wasn't able to stay in the city the night, because i didn't had anything with me like pijamas, cosmetics,etc. AND i just payed for one day for the car to park it at the trainstation in Beacon and would probably got a ticket for not paying enought money.BUT everything just worked out perfectly)

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