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The Story behind that picture...

Hey everybody!
You are probably wondering why i blogged that picture?!
Firstable that is rebecca ;) And here the story....
Our sunday was pretty relaxing and quiet. But in the morning madeline had her first swimmingclass, so the 3 went there and a little later i also went to the gym to go to one of my classes and after that swimming. But back again ;) Rebecca had a kind of bad accident with going into the pool. The stairs had been a little slicky and so she felt down into the pool (with madeline!!!) Fortunately madeline was totally fine and rebecca "just" no has a bruise on her bottom. And she was sore for the rest of the day! I tought it was funny then that she was wearing those pants, because they are very inviting to poke her botty ;) The rest of the sunday was, how i already told you, pretty relaxing with some good food at the end of the day!
OKay bye bye *taty*


  1. Taty, I loved your comments and yes Rebecca needs to be more careful especially in the pool. The pants certainly invite someone to take a wack. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Hey taty.. hab dir ne laaaange email geschickt.. und alles nachgeholt was ich dir noch so erzählen wollte. ganz lieben Gruß und kuss Pia