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Day with Madeline...

Today was a pretty normal day with madeline. We went out for a nice stroll in the sun in the morning, had a great session with Melissa and had both a veeeeeeery long nap. (2 1/2 hours) That felt sooo good! ;) At the end of the day i went to my last class of Body Jam with my favourite instructor Jericho! She is so great!!! But unfortunately she is moving to south hampton now for opening two new sport clubs with the les mills program! Maybe i will visit her one day next year in the spring or summer time... Would be nice! Okay, have a wonderful day tomorrow! KISS & BIG HUG to all my favourites out there ! bye bye *taty*

1 comment:

  1. Taty, I am so glad that you had an opportunity to go snowboarding. I also liked your session with Madeline on finger painting. She seems to enjoy that activity. Too bad that you dance instructor is moving on, I am sure the gym will find another to help with the dance class. Let's hope you can play music with Madeline using the new musical egg shakers. Both of you can be creating your own music and dancing to that sound. Looking forward to seeing you soon.