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May 15th 2008 - the end is one year closer :)

Last Thursday once again it was my birthday and to my surprise i wasn't crying all week long and not even on that day :) and as my german buddies now, that is something new since i really don't feel THAT OLD!!! Anyways, in the morning rebecca, paul and madeline woke me up and i got a cool disneyworld balloon! We had breakfast together and i opened my presents! After that they needed to go to work, so madeline and me continued dancing and partying :) and she loved the balloon too :)
At night then Mia and maddo came to my house and i finally saw the "20" for the first time - on my lovely ice cream cake! so we all had a little of that one and after us girls took some silly pictures in the neighborhood until it was time to go to YoBo (that chinese place i went to last week or so) There we all had a real good time! And we were a real big crowd too. Lena, hanna, mia, maddow, lawrence, daniela, sara, kathrin, jasmin, ben, anna, franzi, nadine and carina all came to have some fun *lol* The funniest part was that somebody ordered a birthday dessert for me and the staff of YObO sang a real cool birthday song :) and they also had a little *GONG* thing :) but here are some pictures of NON-TEENAGER taty :)


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