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438 miles, Reunion with friends and a surprisingly empty Charlotte

Enjoying calm atmosphere in Charlotte. It was surprisingly empty (probably because it is a banking city and everybody was off on the weekend). We went to the Levine Museum to learn a little bit about the changes that Charlotte had to go through. 

The Waffle House in Clemson was our first stop on the road trip. Matt (an ERASMUS friend of mine) lives and works there. He gave us a very nice tour of the Clemson University Campus after enjoying some waffles and grits at the Waffle House. 

Do you see what I see?

Take me back in time. Myh at the barber shop inside the Levine Museum in Charlotte

The main park in Charlotte. Full of flowers, fountains and sculptures. Unwinding and preparing for the last drive of the day! 

Myh caught me in a cool moment :) Strolling around Midtown Plaza in Charlotte, breathing in southern flair while always having the eyes open for THE ONE place we want to enjoy dinner. When we asked if we needed reservations for a table, the hostess had a huge question mark on her face. After a little while we understood why. This isn't New York or Los Angeles. This is the south and there aren't that many people to fill up a restaurant on a sunday evening... 

Summary of day 1: 
- Total of 438 miles driven
- Sights/Stops: Clemson University, Charlotte, late arrival in Wilmington
- Highlights: Seeing Matt, crossing the border of North Carolina, Prosecco and lamb for dinner while enjoying the evening sun shine on us and the live music make us gabble louder 

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