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Lotti Love and Great Friends!

Today I received this photo from Lotti and already couldn't believe how tiny she is in comparison to the golden retrievers that we have here. Lotti seemingly enjoys her "summer camp" extraordinarily. I mean who would? Beach vacation with Anna in France, snuggling on the couch, swimming in the Regnitz (Bamberg), having play dates with her lovers and friends plus some sunglass shopping ;) 

Obviously I miss my baby a little. But to know that she is having a lot of fun makes my heart dance ;) 

Thank you for taking such good care of her while I am gone Anna (!!), Britta, Mareike, Henry, Chris, Elke ... Maybe you can tell her that Mami got her some American "Lecker Lecker's?" AND will be back soon! 


 Who said they have a "Leckerchen" for me? ;) 

Lotti during the half marathon training. "Really mom? Another round?" 

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