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Friendship & my a bracelet full of wishes

On my farewell party with all my dear friends in Bamberg I received those two bracelets from my favorite "coffee-break-and-long-walk" girls Anna and Britta. (I think about you a lot here even when I sometimes seem so busy and am not able to call :) )

BUT, the reason the right bracelet is so exciting is that I was able to make three wishes while Britta was tying it together. (AND the hardest part was not to tell anyone about those wishes!) Those wishes will apparently come true after (I wonder how soon after) it broke. Well, for the past days little pieces were starting to come off (see picture). The day is close... Getting excited already (if only I would remember for what?)!

Isn't it funny how a little good luck charm can change your attitude? 
Hugs from RAINY(!!) Atlanta!

p.s. We spend all day at the world's largest aquarium today. It was breathtaking! My eyes teared up during the dolphin show. American's definitely know how to entertain people!
More pics and info's will come soon!

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