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Georgia Aquarium - The World's Largest Aquarium

Summary:You should go!

In 1979, Bernie Marcus co-founded The Home Depot, opening its first stores and its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. By revolutionizing the home improvement industry, The Home Depot became one of the fastest growing companies in America. Marcus desired to give back to the great community of Atlanta through a gift that reached as many different lives as possible, just as The Home Depot has touched the lives of a broad and diverse customer base. In his vision, he also wanted to promote economic impact for the city and state, bring growth and new jobs and help create a destination to inspire visitors to stay - and stay longer. In 2003, Marcus announced his gift to the city of Atlanta – the Georgia Aquarium. Due to Marcus’ $250 million gift to Georgia, the Aquarium was able to open debt free.
WOW! The Olson Fins where here as well!!

 4,5 hours at an aquarium? Fly by far too fast if you get enchanted by the beauty of those animals.

I touched it! So slimy! Loved it! 

We watched the AT&T (ja ja of course I had to mention their name. That's why they donate so much money *lol*) Dolphin Tales Show. I teared up. Somehow my respect and love for dolphins grew after seeing them in their natural habitat in Florida!

For real? Aren't this the freakiest things you have ever seen? "These small eels live in burrows on the sea floor and get their name from their practice of poking their heads from their burrows while most of their bodies remain hidden. Since they tend to live in groups, the many eel heads "growing" from the sea floor resemble the plants in a garden."


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