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Skyscrapers, fizz and beautiful gardens!

There we go again! Another exciting day filled with unlimited fun is coming to an end. Coca Cola's wish to make us happy has succeeded! (although I am still a little mad that they didn't tell us their secret formula for the historic brown drink) A vault, the Coke ice bear, 4D movie, little bits and pieces of the history of Coke and OF COURSE the grand room in which a tour around the world - with our very own taste buds - was possible. The best part about this room was to watch people falling in love with drinks or absolutely hating other (mostly overly sweet or very bitter) drinks... 

Coca Cola = A marketing wonder! 
(click on the link to watch a very interesting background story about Coke)
I definitely belong to the Coca Cola part of the population. Pepsi just can't reach it :)
I feel bubbly!

The vault! - Well, sorry. We still don't know the secret formula!


Everybody that knows me in person, also realizes that one activity is just not enough fun in the day! The next stop after a delicious lunch at Einstein Bros Bagels was the Atlanta History Museum! What a magic place. For a couple of hours we got lost in the 18th century! The little farm on the property used to be the home of a tremendously wealthy family (measured on the amount of slaves they "owned"). Naturally, we had to pay a visit to the Swan House which really reminded me European "mansions"! Last but definitely not least, we enjoyed looking at the diversity of Georgia's plants! No clue what there is to see inside the museum, but I will certainly go back to the gardens. Magic place for enjoying a sunny day like today!

Buster, our new friend! We even helped bringing him to bed!

FUN day! (I took this picture when we had a "restroom emergency". As I saw the security guy pass by I worked my cute dress and slight German accent to get a free ride on the golf cart!) :) 

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