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Farewell & Rainy Sunday

Hello again! As you can tell, I am currently traveling a lot and visiting a couple of friends before it is time to start my very first full time job (yes! It is finally official! More info to follow in a separate post!) in September. 

Yesterday I drove to Bielefeld to join the farewell BBQ of Britta and Philipp who probably became my closest friends here in Bamberg. Britta and I met at a LEO meeting and knew that we "were meant to be friends" *haha* Similar interests and views on things brought us very close over the past year and I wouldn't want to miss a single coffee or "doggy-play"-date with her! The half marathon wouldn't have been the same without them and I am very excited for the coming adventure that they will experience :) Coming Monday they will hop on a plane to Shanghai, China in order to start their MBA program (Philipp) or marketing internship! I can't wait to (hopefully) book a trip to see them there within the next 6 months!!
The farewell BBQ was really cozy. I finally got to meet a lot of Britta's friends that I heard about and had countless great conversations. A fun summer evening! (let's hope this wasn't the last one!) 

If you are curious to follow their journey or if you have any tips on what to see in Shanghai check out their blog

Although there is "Sandkerwa" (which is like a smaller/local Oktoberfest in Bamberg, Germany) we didn't "go all crazy" the past couple of days. I was babysitting my two lovely German/American kids and we had a lot of fun enjoying the daytime activities with them incl. the worlds best popcorn (the line is always at least 100 meters long!), bumper car ride, harbor tour on the most famous boat in Bamberg called "Christl" :) and some good Bratwurst. The sun was amazing and we enjoyed every bit of it (knowing that the weather forecast didn't promise a nice week ahead!) 

Rainy Sunday
Now that I am back home (after a 4,5 hour ride in the car including one heavy traffic jam - bad accidents are never nice to look at - and the lovely farewell event) it is somehow nice to surf the internet, snuggle up on the couch with my tiny family (boyfriend and puppy) and watch some series. At the "Ni Hao Shanghai party" some people told me about which is similar to and totally addicting. Here a couple of my favorite picks :) 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!
xx Taty

Finally a way to visualize the way it is in reality (luckily my side is the bigger one :) ) 

Love! I am certainly going to make/get this once I moved into my new (still unfound!) apartment in Düsseldorf, Germany

And yes! I really hope that summer will last a little longer! I don't mind a little rain every now and then to embrace a cozy night at home. But I still prefer sunny days that make life easier/happier!

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