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Only one more sleep...

Here I am. In bed and supposed to go to sleep as fast as I can (because then time always flies). Obviously this isn't the case. There are simply too many thoughts in my head at the moment. Excited to finally (!!) see my boyfriend again after his 9 month deployment and to snuggle with my puppy Lotti again (which I haven't seen for over 2 months). 

On the other side I am really dreading to leave the US again. Its been such a great summer, I met the nicest people, got lost in great conversations with strangers, saw amazing places (here, here, here and so many more), listened to good music, got a tan, took my job hunt seriously, read a lot of great literature (online and offline) and and and. 

But really, for the first time I realize that the saying "Home is where your is" probably describes my situation the best right now. If I were to choose to stay here for a little longer for travel purposes or to go back to Bamberg (or even the most boring place on the planet) in order to see my little family, I would certainly decide for the second option. 

Here I come home! Oh but America, I'll be back after I tried on some new Dirndl's and ate some fresh pretzels :)

Been there before! Re-deployment surprise in Vizenca, Italy! Lawrence had no idea that I would show up :)

Snuggle buddy #1

Love to run - can't wait to explore the trails during the summer time. Half marathon route - here I come again! 

Bamberg, Germany - The Beer City 
(that even convinces a girl that rarely drinks alcohol to share a glass of "Schlenkerla" with some friends)

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