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My relationship with Excel

Today I am finally "eating my frog" and starting with the update of my excel knowledge! I KNOW! SO exciting! AND YOU see how much I stick to my plan of not getting procrastinated (I shouldn't be writing this right now) but I had to find something that makes Excel so cool in order to stay focused! (I laughed really hard when I saw the picture above! Way to make financial excel nurds feel awesome :p Sorry guys! Deep inside of me I admire your work :D ) 

Obviously excel is a great program for making an overview or keeping data which you need to use for statistical analysis or simple filtering functions again later. blablabla! So cool in theory, but if you want to become a "real expert" again and create fancy "what if clauses" and "pivot table" it becomes very *hmmm* uncool

When I used Excel in the past for managing my tight (student) budget, my work schedule, event planning schedule, birthday calendar, or even for keeping track of my applications during the job hunt I always made it a point to make the sheets "pretty" as well. I think more people should use some nice colors etc to make the experience a pleasant one! As you realize I have a natural appreciation for Excel and like using it every now and then!

At least it is a lot easier to teach myself how to those things than teaching your grandma or parents :) I always loved those shouts from my mom "Taaaaaaty! How does this Excel thing work? It doesn't do what I want it to do". 10 minutes into the teaching session you realize that it is hopeless and that a course for beginners just moved to the top stop for a future birthday or christmas gift :) 4 hours later you didn't get any studying done but the excel spread sheet of your mom looks amazing! And I mean AMAZING! :) 
It's okay Mami - any time again! 

Conclusion: I like Excel and I am sure I will appreciate it even more after my little crash course! But it will be certain that I use lots of nice nude colors to "pimp my Excel sheet"!

What do you think of Excel?

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