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Deliciously sexy...

Isn't this a beauty? Today I received a full day of training at Passionata and am now a proud owner of two "Whoops" bra's in RED! It is such a nice experience to get advice from the nicest and best smelling (!!  :) Is that weird?) lingerie expert! We made it a point to try everything that I usually wouldn't try on and it was a huge success. I feel like the hottest girl on the planet *haha* And that is rare, believe me :) 

However, I want to give you three tips that I learned today! 
#1 You can't be sure which size you have! You may have realized it with normal clothing and it isn't any different with lingerie: Every company has different standards and every bra is different as well. Consequently it isn't given that you have a 75B in every bra. (not to mention the fact that most people only think that they have this size and are SOO FAR away from having that!!) So please go to a store close by and get measured! OR simply don't take your size for granted. Shop around. You will feel the difference! For more info about how to find the perfect Bra size: Bra Fitting Guide

#2 Quality matters. Us Germans always pretend that we are so worried about sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and only get the most organic face lotions. On the other hand we buy Bra's for 14,99€ thinking that poorly dyed material won't have any effect. It does! Even if you washed it. You have no idea how many poisonous ingredients can get to you! Secondly, the fit of high quality lingerie is amazing! And I am speaking from experience. Today was an eye opener. Even though I always invested in good lingerie, Chantelle really makes a difference. It felt like a second skin or even better :) No lie! 

#3 Try something new! Gosh! It was so much fun to shop around today! You think you need a white bra that goes under a white shirt? *mööp* Wrong! Nude or even red look a hundred times better (or more invisible) under your favorite white shirt! (Hence, all the red for me today :) ) 
I am pretty sure my boyfriend won't mind the change in mind :) Negligée's and so much more will be tried... *big smile*

I hope you had a great week! 
And an even better start into the weekend!

Want to buy the bra I showed here? 


  1. I am obsessed with nice frillies. However, sometimes I end up leaving them in my draw as I am too scared of them getting pilled or old. So silly. Great tips :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

    1. Hi Katie! I luckily never had that problem. IF you wash your bra's appropriately. I was told that if you pretend like your bra is a silk dress you are on the right track and able to enjoy it forever (well, you know what I mean :))

      Have a lovely weekend!