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Bye bye everyday life - Hello London!

And we are back! Little did you know that I escaped the daily routine in Düsseldorf in order to enjoy a lovely weekend with the even more lovely boyfriend :) The start of the trip was extraordinarily relaxing. Breakfast with a friend and some errand running in Düsseldorf. Snuggling Lotti (my puppy) before telling her good-bye for the weekend. My roommate then dropped me off at the Düsseldorf airport (which is extremely close to our home! It only took me 13 minutes to get there! Unbelievable!)! I had some time to enjoy a chai latte and to finally read the latest InStyle (aka looking at pictures while watching other people at the Starbucks). 

On top of all that, British Airways surprised me with great service and nice smiles even though the ride was a little bumpy. I didn't mind that at all though as the "tummy tickle" was simply too much fun. (Do you know what I mean? Feels a little like free fall. Or maybe I only think that, as I never dared to jump out of an airplane or off a cliff) The views a little before arrival were breathtaking! While flying over the financial district of London, I finally realized it: "I am away from everything new at home and ready for a fun time". If you ever want to go to London, I can only recommend to flying into the London City Airport. Relaxation and easy travel at its best performance! (again, it only took me 30 minutes to get to Victoria station and that was already slower as an accident happened in the "tube" (How the locals call the underground system). 

Conclusion. Travelling to London = very cozy! (Until you get surprised by some heavy rain, but more of that tomorrow!) 



  1. Have a great time in London.

    Best wishes, minnja