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Dear Future I am Ready: Thu

Education: Bachelor of International Business and Management studies, Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Nationality: Vietnamese
Age: 22
Previous International Experience: Left Vietnam to live and study in the Netherlands (besides travelling all around Europe)
Hobbies: music, movies, photography, ­reading and especially travelling!
Challenge: None really. I seize the challenge, life would otherwise be very dull.
Thanks Past for your lessons!
Every time I fail, I see myself in the mirror with the-most-truthful-me and know where I should go next. If life is simply just living everyday pleasantly, I’d be bored till death

I’m a Vietnamese girl who took the chance to go study in the Netherlands at my (nearly-) proper 18 years. The 4 year study and experience has changed me into a completely different person. If you know how contradictory the two cultures are (in all aspects), you can have a good guess already. Before I came to Holland, I was a shy, introvert girl and not sure if who I am and what I want. At that time, this was the outcome of a forceful education, which most of the time tells you what/how to think and do, as if everyone is the product of a mass production. I don’t get that way of education a society, thus I longed to step out of the boundary and find my way of life. Luckily I made it. Looking back at the whole experience, I’m still happy that I made the right choice. My friends told me that I’m so active, open-minded and friendly now. I also realize that I’ve changed a lot, especially after coming back to my home country after the study. I find myself independent and confident, ignoring random (and often times misleading) judgment and truly live my own live.
About my career
Well, I had my first internship in Vietnam working for an NGO as a marketing and fund-raising intern. It was a great experience working in an environment with full of dedication and enthusiasm. I saw people having clear ideas and ideals for what they were doing (to protect the environment, in specific); other personal goals were their second priority. Although an NGO is not an "appropriate" workplace for my field of study (business), it gave me valuable lessons about career in return.

After that internship, I came back to continue the study and felt more inspired in every subject I learned at school. Unfortunately that’s also the time when my bachelor study was getting closer to its end. I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye to my student life when holding the bachelor degree. 4 years have gone by too fast, but that’s how it is when you spend time doing things you enjoy. I’m thankful for that.­­­­
I conducted my second internship, which was also my final thesis, not so long ago. That’s the first time I officially worked in sales, dealing with many different (types of) people and was able to dive into the business world. My job is to find customers for an export company in Holland, so there’re a lot going on with cultural differences and barriers. It’s a combination of stress and excitement at the same time. I decided to continue with this job in Vietnam after graduate and have been doing it for a couple of months now. There are pros and cons to the job’ insight, but I don’t think I will be settled with this job in the long-run. I believe young people should experience as much as they can before become settled with a life-long job.
My dream is to establish my own company in future, to design everything myself and to run it the way I want. The field of business (you can call it mission or ideal) is still not decided upon (and I will probably need half of my life to finally find the one thing that I burn for). The size of the company is not a matter at all. As long as I see the meaning in everything I do, I can spend my whole life for it, I believe so.

Dear Future, I’m curious!

Now that you know a lot about my past (the lessons that I've learned or the personal progress that I've made) and my present, I can look forward to the future now. If I would really have the chance to talk to Mr. Future, I would have a thousand questions for him. But if he answers them all, I don’t think I need to wake up the next day. So dear Mr. Future, thanks for not coming to answer my questions. I’ll move ahead to see everything myself and ,most importantly, to live and treasure everyday I’m given.

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