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Shopping in London - Part One

Savile Row 

In Savile Row tailor-made or as often referred to as "bespoke" fashion is born and perfected. Although I am very interested in fashion and diverse designers, it was surprising that my boyfriend was able to introduce me to "another world": Savile Row. This small street in Mayfair, London is a parallel street to Regent Street and connected to Conduit Street (where you will have to go if you want to have the best tea time in your life! Post with details will follow). You can also call it the Mecca of menswear. However, I was even more fascinated by the define craftsmanship that is practiced on this street, no matter what brand is on the clothes. The Savile Row Association is dedicated to protecting their practices and traditions which have made this street known for the best suits and bespoke pieces of clothing in the world. Customers like Winston Churchill, Jude Law or the Beatles (only 3 of the 4 members as their jeans boy didn't want to introduce a new style :) ) appreciated their work early on. Oh and btw, the Queen also shopped here for Jubilee ceremony. (I guess her way of shopping works a little different than ours :) ) 

But why was it so fascinating? Well, if you ever have the time to go to London stop by one of the prestigious stores. They have a Concierge that is always willing to help you, mostly they have decadent historic pieces that made them famous on display and (which I found to be the highlight) they all have their "production facility" (aka tailors) downstairs so you could literally watch them make your suit. We were only here to focus on shoes this time (same applies here. You could get bespoke shoes, however high quality/real leather "off the rack" versions were also available.) 

I would always go back for more, although I had to realize that woman's wear was only available upon an order. Here you could clearly see how traditional this street is! But simply check it out for your self (maybe by going to one of those brand's home pages. It will take your breath away :) )

I fell in love with their real leather suitcases, bags and anything else in their store that a girl could potentially integrate into her wardrobe. 

Shiny shiny shoes :)

Watch them how they are making it (little remark: look to the left and right of the window. Tradition is highlighted). 

Snobby shoes :) 

The shoe designer and maker at work. Lawrence was extraordinarily happy to see his favorite shoe blogger. Interested? I guess you can check out his blog yourself 

Needless to say that it simply wasn't the same to visit topshop, h&m and similar afterwards anymore. Their clothing just looks very cheap compared to handmade items. I hope I won't have that feeling for long :) Would kind of hurt my budget to switch to tailer made items :)

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