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What is the most logical thing to post about after having the most amazing wine that is served in three star Michelin restaurants all over the world. Right! Chocolate that is just as amazing and is supporting a great cause by peaking the tastebuds of mankind. 

A couple of weeks ago I took some time to stroll around an organic supermarket and I bumped into the Original Beans chocolate. The idea behind it - to dedicate one chocolate to save one little piece of endangered land in the world - AND the design convinced me to purchase this treat and to leave the store with a proud smile on my face. I did something good! (Somehow this is growingly important now a days and I really love to be "main stream" on that end! Organic is cool! :) ) As you know, once I bought something I like to know more about it. Is it all just a big marketing fake, or do is this "real"? 
I was even more fascinated when it dawned on me. Original Beans is a great/amazing/cool/hip/tasty thing! 
Original Beans is (well, in my point of view) the most amazing chocolate with the goal to protect the diversity of our planet and to support the farmers of cocoa beans. The coolest thing is, that only cocoa beans and cane sugar is used to make this chocolate. Per chocolate bar sold, a local cocoa bean farmer plants a new tree not only to serve him later, but to grow the rain forest in an sustainable manner. 

Don't believe it? Well, then you can use the code on the back of the package (which is made out of 100% recycled material!!!) to track where "your" tree has been planed. 

Ok. Enough of the sustainable info :) To sum it all up. Great chocolate. I am sure that I will have a piece every now and then to truly ENJOY it over the coming months filled with longer nights and a stronger desire for sweet treats! 
(My favorite so far is CRU VIRUNGA 70%)

I hope I wasn't too mean (just in case you were lusting for chocolate and didn't have any at home!) Just grab a good magazine or go for a run :) And then "invest" in some good chocolate next time around. It really made my day brighter! (and the next ones to come as well as the nice and colorful design "pimps" my fridge. This is where I store the "Schoki" until I have the next urge!) 

If you want to find out more info now… 
(in German, a really informative article I found during the "hunt" for the truth about this magic original bean)

And the Original Beans homepage 

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