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Tuesday... West Point, Woodbury Commons, Photography class...

So on Tuesday was my day off...
A wonderful time to visit West Point and go shopping ;)
So here we go. Lawrence gave us a little tour of west Point and we saw a show for the army - navy game (see pics with purple smoke and helicopters) and after that had lunch with the cadets. That was really cool, also for me because last time i was able to go there was for ring weekend. So really nice and sooooo fun, because all our friends sat at the same table we did!!!
After west Point my dad and i went further to the outlets for going a little shopping again ;) we didn't found that much, but my dad was successful with some poloshirts ;)in the end we had dinner at applebees and went to my last photography class *heul*
It was really nice, because finally and for the first time i also had some slides so that i was able to see my pictures! and i must admit that i really like them ;) Everybody showed their "best" or favourite pictures and we listened to good music and had some food while watching the slides!
Then another day was over...

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  1. Übrigens, der hinternebenmeiner Tochter ist Lawrence!! Echt ein Typ mit dem sogar ich klar kommen! Das will was bedeuten wenn sich einer um meine Tochter müht. Nein im Ernst, es war so beeindruckend auf diesem Armi Point und die Jungs sind sowas von erzogen das es eine Freude ist in ihrer Nähe zu sein. Danke für den Super Tag!