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Graduation - Saturday - (bar pinning) bye bye good old cadet times *haha*

yeah, so after the ceremony we all had a little time to walk around west point while lawrence got changed and cleaned up his room for real :) And then the time had come where Thed (underwood, that's the dad of isabella) hold a speech and did that whole bar pinning part. That was probably the best part of whole graduation. I liked it a lot, although lawrence looked to grown up in that new uniform... Anyways, he's done with being a cadet :) and i was pretty proud and super happy for him :)

Thed (alias Mr.Underwood *haha*) and Lawrence ( the oath)

same again, here he is holding a little speech

lawrence mum, dad and halfsister doing the bar pinning

and still doing it *hehe*

and there they are! the new officers *lol*

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