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Memories ...

I am still digesting everything we saw during the 10 days on the road. 
Here some numbers: 
- 55 hours and 30 seconds in the car
- 6 refills of the gas tank
- 2 heart attacks (due to the lack of gas IN the car)
- 11 state lines crossed 
- 8 states visited 
(Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee)
- 3 beaches conquered 
- 1 jellyfish attack survived
- 10+ delicious meals consumed
- 4 out of 100 "safety points" in Tallahassee (= its a dangerous place)
- Total of 2600 miles travelled  

EQUALS: great memories! I would do it again in an instant! 


  1. Cortney7/09/2013

    What a great adventure! You've been to many places I've never been in the US (-: I've been all over the west but not the south/east. Looks fun!

    1. Yes! I know! it was definitely worth the trip. Now I only need to explore the northern parts :)