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Sooooooo many first's ;)

Mann o mann, was ich jetzt dieses Wochende wieder erlebt hab ist einfach der oberhammer.

Vor allem hab ich so viele Dinge zum ersten Mal überhaupt in meinem Leben gemacht. Einfach richtig klasse... Hier mal wieder erst ne kleine Übersicht:
Friday: Farewell-party for Chris at Nadines house with Limodrive ;) and lots of talking... (i got home around 4 in the morning)

Saturday: I got up at 7.30am for going to West Point. Parade startet at 9, then i met Lawrence and we visited a friend at the hospital until my first Football game started.(12:00) after that great game we went to texan tailgate and after that to another private tailgate party. Then my other "Aupairfriends" arrived and we went on a Boat Cruise with a special mystical crime show on board! (really great!!!) When we got back (8.30pm) we went back to the tailgate party and after that ended we stopped by a bar called "South Gate". Was just a wonderful day!

Sunday: After 7 hours of sleep *jeppa* it could go on ;) Firstable all of us (rebecca, paul, madeline, pauls brother+girlfriend, pauls sister, Lori and i ) had pancake- breakfast and talked about the day before. Then we got ready for the road and drove to the Rhinebeck handcraft fair. After a couple hours of walking, watching, SNAKETOUCHING *uaaah* and also some food we continued our trip to the rhinebeck farmers market (we already had been there some weeks ago) to buy some vegies, cheese and meet.( last one is from the shop called "Fleisher" > the owners relatives had been german thats why they called it Fleischer... *g*) On our way back me and Karen snuggled while taking a nap ;) *finally*. Then me and paul went to the gold gym to join. *jippie* So now we can start our fall/winter workout *hehe* And right now we start making dinner with karen(pauls sister), lori and the rest of us (Pauls brother had to leave...) okay thats it firstable... More pictures and maybe some more details later!

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